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You have a logo, now what?

​Congratulations on your stunning new logo

If you’ve had a logo created by us, you will have been sent a link to a huge variety of files and may now be feeling a bit overwhelmed with what to do with them all and where you should use your logo.

The files are divided into digital and print folders as well as colour, black and white (or reverse). On a basic level anything you are doing yourself and anything online use the digital files. You have a jpg, png and svg file. The png has a transparent background so you don’t get that pesky white box around it when placing it over a coloured background.

If you need to send your logo to another marketing professional – for example a sign writer, flag maker, or screen printer then either send them the file type they ask for or the eps file. Alternatively, you can send them a link to the whole folder and let them choose the best file for their processes.
Consider your logo as the face of your business – it should be on every piece of communication you send out to the world – whether online or printed. The more you put your logo out there, the more your logo is going to work for your business and bring the right kind of people to you.

First up get your logo on any social media you are running. If we have supplied your logo you’ll have a logo specifically for your Facebook profile or a submark that you can use. Then if you are creating your own social media graphics for posts use your logo on these too to keep your brand front of mind for viewers. If you are using your own photo’s place your logo in the corner as a watermark to protect them from other people using your photos as their own.

If you have an existing website get your new logo on there as soon as you can as well as changing your brand colours if these have also changed. The colours you use on your website are the Hex or RGB colour codes you have been given. Hex codes look a bit like this #7EAD8F and RGB look like this R126 G173 B143.

Take a look at your email signature – does it have a logo in it, if so, change it to your new one or if it doesn’t get your logo in there. You can either create your own simple signature within your email programme or app, or create a jpg or html signature to place in the signature space. We can help with the last two if you need.

Next up look at your business stationery – business cards, letterheads, with compliment slips, delivery labels etc. We can help you with the design and/or printing or these. Business cards even in our digital age are still a vital tool for businesses. They can be a very cheap form of advertising and can portray a great sense about you and your business by their style and quality. And a great way to get your contact details in front of the people you meet. I can tell from experience that you never want to turn up to a networking meeting without business cards – never a great look for a graphic designer.

What about any printed marketing collateral you have – brochures, posters, catalogues etc? You need to decide whether you will continue using any with your old logo on until you have run out – this is essentially an economic and environmental decision. Allow plenty of time to update these, especially if style, colours and fonts also need to change – it’s a good time to also update the copy as well.

Look behind the scenes too – do you have a CRM, membership portal or app that clients use – logos and colours in here should also be updated or added.

How are you going to tell your clients and followers that you have a new logo – are you doing a big launch or changing it over quietly? Either way it’s good practice to tell them what you are doing and why. Use social media posts, blogging and email newsletters to spread the word.

The best way to beat the overwhelm of updating everything with your new logo is create a list of everything you need to add it to, prioritise which are the most visible/used and the quickest/easiest to change and then get to it. Set aside a chunk of time to do it so you can get most of it done quickly – over a weekend or evening is good so that come the morning clients and followers are faced with your exciting fresh new branding.