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Five Visual Marketing Essentials small businesses should have

After sorting a logo, brand guidelines, and a website what other graphic design does a business else?

After getting a logo with brand guidelines and a website, small business owners often don’t think they need any other visual marketing to help grow their brand. However, to make a really strong impression, boost brand recognition and ultimately make sales here are the top five visual marketing essentials I believe every small business should have.

 Business Cards

The small but mighty business card packs a hefty punch when used. They are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. When meeting new or potential clients, business contacts, and suppliers for the first time, having a business card to hand over helps to break the ice, cement your name and brand in their minds, and gives them a reminder of you when they return to the office.

Worried a business card will get thrown out? Make sure it is well designed and printed on quality heavy card stock, so it is worth keeping. A thin, floppy business card instills as much confidence as a limp handshake. An eye-catching, tactile card will give people a sure but subtle great impression of your business. This will also help your card stand out in a collection of business cards.

Social Media Templates

Save time and ensure a consistent brand style and messaging by having a set of at least 6 templates. I create these for clients in Canva or Dzynspace so they can easily add their own content and publish. Having your own templates specific to your brand helps to stop you from blending in with everyone else using the same templates available online.


Connect, communicate directly and grow your relationship with your clients and prospective clients with an email newsletter. Having a branded template already set up saves you time. I can save you even more time by putting your newsletter together from your content ready for you to send out.

Lead Magnet

Build your newsletter contact list with an engaging, interesting, and useful free downloadable resource available from your website in exchange for an email address. I create these from your content so that they are appealing, easily digested, and fit with your brand.

Email Signature

That piece of real estate at the bottom of your email is the perfect space to give a final impression, a reinforcement of your brand, all your contact and connection links – phone, and social media, etc and give reassurance that you are a real person.

I can help you with all these and more, so you save time and your visual communications are consistent with your brand across all channels.